How players lose their money to the casinos


Most casino games are a game of chance, where casinos and players have the same chance to win. But, the fact shows that the casinos are the winner in the long races. Most players will lose their money to the casino, no matter how much it goes before. What makes players lose their money to the casinos in the long races? These are the 3 key factors that make most players lose their money at the end: edge of the house, maximum limit and psychology factor.

The edge of the house

Like other businesses, casinos must ensure that they get enough profits from their betting business. That’s why casinos need to have a slightly better winning edge compared to players. The Mathematical Advantage of the Casino against its players is known as “The House Edge”. The casinos place the advantage of the house in each type of games, for example, in the European roulette game: add a “0” on the wheel that makes bets large / small, odd and black / red have a Edge of the house of 2.78%, what it means in the long term, the casino will win 2.78% of the bet of money in a large / small, odd and black / red suit on roulette. If you play in the game, you have an edge of the house of 5.56% versus 2.78%, which means you will lose your money twice as fast as in the second. Now do you know why you lose the money faster in certain games than others?

Maximum limit

In any casino game, it is very common to have races of 5, 6 or even 15 consecutive results of black or red, high or low, even or strange; But it does not happen in any casino on Earth that has 50 consecutive results equal. This means that if the casino did not place a maximum betting limit and the player has enough money to duplicate his bets every time he loses, the player will recover his money plus a chip. That is why the casino is protected from the rich players who play with this strategy by introducing a maximum limit in all casino games. If the player continues to bend the bets, he will lose money if the results continue to increase the opposite results and finally reach the maximum limit.

Psychology factor

Did you notice that most players who earn money want to earn more? They will continue to stay at the table until they lose all their money. The same situation occurs in players who lose money, they will try to cover the money lost by betting more until they lose all the money they have in my hand. This is the psychology factor that makes the casinos remain the winner in the long term. The casino will not fear you will not even earn big money because they know that they will recover their earnings plus their long-term money.

There are many betting strategies that published in several electronic books that teach the player how to earn casino money. Theoretically strategies will work if the player intelligently implements strategies. But the fact shows that most players will become greedy when they win and forget their strategies; What they want is to continue winning and winning big. That is why they forget the strategies and bet according to their greedy behavior. This is how most players lose money to the casino in the long races.


Players lose their money to casinos due to the 3 key factors: the edge of the house, the maximum limit and the psychology factor. The “edge of the house” and the “maximum limit” are predefined by the casinos to protect your advantage and can not change them. But, if you want to do some casino profits, then you need to work on “psychology factor” for staying with your betting strategies and controlling your greedy behavior.

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