Can VR Make an Impact in the iGaming Industry?


Technology has always been at the forefront of many industries, and the gambling industry is no exception. There have been significant changes to online casinos since their original inception back in the nineties. No longer are they accessible solely through desktop computers, but these days, they can be played on the go using smartphones and tablets so long as you have an active internet connection.

Perhaps the biggest trend in this sector is virtual reality or VR for short. While the technology has been around for decades, it’s only now that it’s advanced enough to be viable. And with its ability to enhance the gaming experience, there’s little doubt that it’ll dominate the market.

How does virtual reality work?


As the name implies, virtual reality is about simulating real-life environments that users are able to interact with as if it was actually real. For example, playing games such as poker, blackjack and Baccarat at an online casino platform such as NetBet, VR offers players a more realistic experience that mimics how it would be in a real world casino. As a result, it becomes a lot more engaging to play the games than it otherwise would have if you were viewing everything from the screen of your computer or mobile device.

Generally, the equipment that virtual reality requires consists of sensors, controllers, headphones, and a headset. One excellent example of these is the Oculus Rift, a popular VR device primarily used in gaming. While it’s an expensive piece of hardware, there are many other inexpensive alternatives available for budget-conscious gamers.

Why are people interested in the VR casino experience?

The primary reason why there’s a lot of interest in virtual reality for online casinos is that it’s a unique experience. While the convenience of playing games of chance over the World Wide Web can be advantageous in many ways, there’s still a sizable difference when engaging in the activity in an actual gaming den. Through VR, this gap is effectively shortened since the technology presents players with the opportunity to play as if they’re in their local casino.

Another aspect of gaming that it affects is the social experience. As players look around in the 3D environment for tables to join, they can freely interact with other like-minded individuals, keeping the game from being an isolating and detached activity.

Virtual reality is the future of online gambling

There’s no denying that online casinos that offer virtual reality support are scarce at the moment. VR is still in its infancy in the gambling industry, after all. Because of this, only gambling websites offer the experience. However, as it continues to be well-received by players, more and more gaming websites will slowly adopt the technology, making it a game-changer and a part of the mainstream in online gambling.


An excellent virtual reality setup can still cost a lot of money today. However, similar to smartphones and tablets that were expensive at one point in time but are now affordable, VR technology will undoubtedly become more accessible. So, while it may still be a luxury to have the right equipment to play in VR, it’ll soon be cheaper to own one as the demands for VR casino gaming rise.


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